This is me.  I'm your next door neighbor that will always wave, the person who strikes up a conversation with every cashier/waiter/whoever   because I like talking to people, the person that isn't afraid to tell a complete stranger that their tag is hanging out of their shirt,  the person that sometimes walks out of the house with two different shoes on because she couldn't decide which she wanted to wear and just forgot to choose, the person that will ask to pet every dog that is on a leash, and the person that simply wants to connect with other people.  I'm a people person.  I'm a tad bit all over the place at times and my sessions generally do that too.   I usually have a plan but quickly adjust that if I feel the need when I really start to feel your groove and you start getting more comfortable with me.  I'm a total people pleaser.  Always have been and no matter how much my life may change, I always will be because I care.  I care what people think about me.  Not how I look or my social or financial status or anything like that. . . but how they feel around me.  I want people  to feel like they can just be themselves around me . . . to be comfortable around me . . . to have a positive connection with me.  Because that is how I aim to be with others too.  Let me get to know you and connect with you . . . and you'll see.

Thank you for considering me to capture the moments in your life that make you who you are. Feel free to take a glimpse into the moments that define me     . . .

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