One of the first questions that I am always asked: What should I wear?

Well, that all depends on what you want your session to look like! Are you athletic, feminine, flirty, preppy or casual?  Figure out how you want to present yourself and go from there. If you are doing a Standard Session (one hour) -- you could squeeze in at least two outfits. If you are doing a Deluxe Session (2+ hours) you'll have much more flexibility to show off your personality and style. 

Tips for Girls:

Layering is very flattering and an easy way to get more than one look without changing an outfit completely.  Scarves, cardigans or vests, hats, multiple necklaces or accessories, different shoes . . . all of these things create a slightly different look. 

Be comfortable! You want to be able to move about freely and try different positions so comfort is key.

Wear clothing that you know you look and feel great in.  If you are buying a new outfit and think it will look great but have never seen yourself photographed in it, you may be disappointed.  Shop in your closet first and let that "go to" outfit be the first one that you wear. 

Add some color! Pops of color are FUN!!!  Even a Bold print can add so much dimension! Be wary of those horizontal stripes though . . .

Be natural with your hair and make-up.  Don't try a new hairstyle or wearing your make-up differently than you normally do . . . again, don't want to be disappointed if it doesn't look like you hope it will in your photographs :) 

Need more inspiration? Check out my Pinterest Board for Senior Girls

Tips for Guys:

Same principles apply: Wear whatever you are comfortable in.  If you aren't comfortable, it will show in your photographs! If you are aiming to show a more formal or business look, we can certainly take those shots first because you don't want to chance feeling "done" by the end of the shoot and having to put on something less comfortable will compound that feeling. 

Don't get a hair cut the day before or day of the shoot.  If you don't like how short your hair may have been cut . . . there's no way to edit it to be a tad longer and look natural!

Don't forget to shave! If some facial hair is your signature look, by all means leave it. But stubble everywhere may not be what you intended to have pictured.

Again, color and designs photograph really well! 

Layers work with guys too! This could be caps, jackets, sunglasses as an accessory etc. 

Need more inspiration? Check out my Pinterest Board for Senior Guys

Some Additional Tips:

If you play sports and want to show that side of your personality, don't forget to bring the necessary props (jersey, ball, etc) 

Musically talented? Instruments are always welcome to bring to a session, unless of course it's a piano . . . we will have to go to your home for that shot! 

Does your hobby/interests include something you can't bring to the session . . . like horseback riding, ATVs, working out at the gym, etc?     We can use one of the locations to incorporate these. If you want a photo with your beloved car, that's easy! 

If you want to include a pet in some of your photographs, this is certainly doable.  Just make sure to bring along a friend or family member to handle the pet for the remainder of the session.

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